Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Saturday

Yesterday started out hot, and continued to get hotter.

It felt really, really good to me.

We decided to take Grace (my sister, who just moved in with us for the time being,) on a Frey family-favorites walking tour of downtown Grand Rapids. A stop at Madcap for iced lattes, and some fun with the sculptures at Calder Plaza were had. I continue to grow more fond of this strange-to-me, little midwest city. It's calling me to explore.

After our long walk, we got mexican food for lunch, watched the kids play at the mall, came home and took naps and then walked quite a bit in downtown Holland after letting the kids cool down at the splash pad.

I paid for all the walking this morning. The newest, most frustrating thing about this pregnancy is a little thing called "round ligament pain" which I had never experienced before up until the last two weeks. My OB warned me that I would probably experience a lot more aches and pains this time around because it's a third baby and all those lower muscles have already been through a lot of stretching and pulling, but I didn't believe her. But I'm now ready to concede to my doctor, and accept that she is right, and gosh - it's not fun.

Also, there has been much debate lately about whether or not to find out the sex of this little one. We found out with our other two, and it was so much fun, but something tells us this might be the last baby, and therefor might be the last chance for such a big surprise. What to do, what to do...

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