Monday, July 15, 2013

Lovely Maternity & Etc.

As the weeks fly by by and my waist expands, I've been thinking more and more about maternity style. I try to avoid thinking about it as long as possible, but at some point it becomes a necessity.

My personal philosophy on maternity style is to get by with as few traditional "maternity"pieces as possible, and to invest in pieces that will not only work for pregnancy but also in that awkward, nursing postpartum phase. Not an easy order, but do-able with some hunting and patience. I also believe that looking good and feeling confident about your appearance is good medicine for your stress levels, mood and energy, so I personally think it's worth it to purchase a few special things during pregnancy that make you feel pretty and put together. Pregnancy is tough enough, man, without feeling frumpy!

One of my biggest maternity style inspirations has been blogger and mother to two, Naomi Davis. I love the idea (and practice!) of wearing vintage during pregnancy. So feminine and pretty.

Another huge influence and inspiration: photographer Tim Coulson's wife, Kesh. Lots of maxi dresses, loose fits from American Apparel and menswear inspired outfits. She makes everything look effortless and fresh. 

Last of all, even though it's been years since this maternity series was done, I'm still in love with the photos Ryan Marshall did of his wife Cole. She wore a lot of basic, non-maternity American Apparel, and looked amazing through all 40 weeks. 

I think these tunic dresses from Vanilla and Lace are absolutely lovely, and perfect. 

Vanilla and Lace also makes beautiful baby clothes!

ASOS is a great maternity resource, with unique pieces at affordable prices.

Thief and Bandit sells pretty maxi dresses and leggings, (not maternity, but could easily work in pregnancy.) I love the fun patterns on their clothing, (and their kids selection is adorable!)

P.S: I have to also somewhat guiltily admit in a post like this, I'm a sucker for Forever 21 during pregnancy. (Alright, I'm always a sucker for the Forever 21.) You're sure to always find something stretchy, trendy and cute there (even if it falls apart three days later.)

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