Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The One Where I Post Pictures of Some of the Great Gluten Free Food We Ate in MI...

Exhibit A - The Brick Road Pizza Company in East Grand Rapids.
If you're ever in East Grand Rapids, GO THERE.
Great service and great food.
We shared a quinoa salad, cheesy gluten free bread and a small gluten free pizza.
And yeah, we were stuffed at the end of that pig-out-fest.
(There's also a great coffee shop next door called The Sparrows if you're too full for dessert!)

Exhibit B - Awesome gluten free baked goods at Lemonjello's in Holland.
Words cannot express how much I loved Lemonjello's.
I wanted to try every gluten free item they had for sale, but there was not enough time.
Which is AWESOME. Because that means they had a LOT of gluten free items!
We shared a gluten free chocolate chip cookie, a fruit crumble bar,
and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin. So good.

Oh, and their coffee was amazing too. Excellent Americanos.
And I love a coffee shop that serves there "for here" coffees in real mugs.

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