Monday, August 31, 2015

In The Pottery Studio

I've been a horrible blogger lately. I don't even know how I feel about that! I've been thinking about the future of this space a lot recently, and still have more questions than answers, but that's for another post and another time...

That's just to say - I rarely pick up my "big" camera anymore. Instagram is my jam these days, and weeks go by without giving this space or my clunky camera a thought. I was kind of jarred out of this pattern last weekend when two opportunities popped up for me to dust off the old Nikon, and I'm excited to share a bit of those experiences with you here.

First up... My sister Grace is a potter. Over the last two years she's really made some huge strides towards her goal of supporting herself with her craft. I'm obviously extremely proud of her! She inspires me in more ways than I can count. She asked me to take some photos for her up and coming website/online store and I was happy to help.

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