Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The One Where I Basically Just Talk About My Kids' BMs.

So the past week kind of sucked. (Language. I know, Mom.)

Let's see... Matt was sick for a solid 8 days before he finally, (very grudgingly) obliged me by taking himself to Urgent Care where he was told he has a bad case of pneumonia. (Will someone enlighten me why men, even with the blessed benefit of health insurance, make such a fuss about going to a doctor when they're sick?) Don't worry, he's loaded up on all kinds of drugs and it seems like he will live. (If you detect a strain of bitterness in my report, it may be because I'm still brooding over the fact that we had to cancel my birthday dance class AND a visit from friends for the holiday weekend.)

Oh but it gets better.

Silas has had the runs for a couple of days (and by runs I mean I'm constantly running him back and forth from the tub and running his poopy laundry up and down the stairs multiple times a day.) And the diaper rash - oh my word, this kid's diaper rash. We've gone through almost two tubes of ultra strength Desitin in just two days. 

Ironically, our littlest one could not poop the last few days and yesterday she slept maybe 20 minutes all. day. long. (Don't worry - a little prune juice solved the problem, resulting in a blowout that rivaled the worst that Silas could do.) 

Ok, now that I've ruined your appetite for the rest of the day, I'll stop. (Thanks for letting me vent, though, I do feel better.)

I promise I'll be back with a less gross post soon.

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