Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Bucket List

The days are getting rapidly shorter, and I can feel us barreling towards another long winter. (Summer was too, too short.) As much as I miss summer, I do love this time of year. This fall I want to:

*Visit Art Prize (I need to get a move on this as it will be over soon!)

*Find a pick-your-own-pumpkin farm (hopefully with a hayride for the kids!)

*Take the kids to Nelis' before it closes in a few weeks.

*Pick out (or make) costumes for the kids to take them trick-or-treating for the first time. (Olive has already informed that she wants to be Cinderella.)

*Have (or attend) a bonfire.

*Make home made caramel corn.

*Find someplace that will make a soy pumpkin latte besides Starbucks (because I really hate that Starbucks uses the sweet vanilla soymilk instead of the plain kind.) 

*Go coat/boots shopping for the children.

*Start a knitting project.

*Plan a fun Thanksgiving, which might be challenging since we'll be roughing it alone this year.

*Watch all the new Foyle's War episodes on PBS' website.

*Start Christmas shopping/card writing/etc.

*Get a family picture taken for Christmas cards.

*Make this apple crisp over and over and over again (so good.)

*Volunteer with the nursery at church / get more involved with church.

*Finish reading Jennifer Worth's "Midwife" books (I'm already halfway through book 2 of 3.)

*Explore a new (to us) place.

*Visit some dear friends in Indianapolis.

*Visit the beach before it gets too cold.

I'll check back in here periodically to scratch off the things we actually (hopefully?) accomplish. :)

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