Friday, July 20, 2012

Gluten Free Dinner #1 - Burgers and Fries

Gluten free can still be fun, healthy and even delicious! I find it a really fun challenge to give old, unhealthy, (usually gluten laden) recipes a more nutritious, gluten-free makeover.

My husband loves burgers and fries. (What American husband doesn't?) So this summer, instead of grilling fatty beef burgers, we've been eating lots of turkey burgers. Serve on a piece of gluten free toast, with grilled red peppers, mustard and a little cheese, and you've got an easy, yummy dinner that even your pickiest eaters will love. (Olive is my picky child, and even she likes turkey burgers.)

We have fallen in love with the amazing sweet potato, and it has pretty much taken the place of white potatoes in our house forever. They're so good, and SO much more nutritious than their white, starchy relatives. Making your own sweet potato fries is pretty easy, but if you're in a time crunch (or don't have the energy to peel and bake your own in the midst of cleaning up potty-training accidents behind your 3 year old and comforting your early-teething 4 month old...ahem, I digress...) just pick up a bag of frozen sweet potato fries at the supermarket. Most are gluten free, I've found, but make sure you check the ingredients list to be sure before you buy! (Rule #1 of the gluten-free lifestyle - ALWAYS read ingredient lists!) Most frozen fries are lightly coated with oil and a starch for crispiness. I've found the majority are coated with rice flour, but if the ingredient list reads "wheat" or "modified food starch" I'd beware.
Sweet potato fries are just as good (if not way better!) than regular fries, and again, it's something that young, picky eaters will enjoy. That's something that's important to our young family.

So, don't let a gluten sensitivity rob the joy from your kitchen! It's easier than you think to feed your family fun, healthy, GF meals!

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